Study on Vancouver Island


Welcome to Vancouver Island Schools

Welcome to Vancouver Island Schools. We are a collaboration of schools on Vancouver Island, Canada, with representative offices in Victoria, Canada, Beijing, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our offices focuson utilizing the educational resources on Vancouver Island to fulfill the growing demand for improved education of youth in Aisa, while also providing international opportunities for Canadian Students.

Vancouver Island is home to British Columbia’s capital city Victoria, and the island is well known for offering Canada’s best quality of life in terms of mild weather, quality health care, an excellent education system that includes a top ranked high school education system and universities.

Vancouver Island is an ideal study abroad destination where international students can immerse themselves in western culture and a pure English speaking environment. Students can study in Vancouver Island elementary schools, high schools, language schools, colleges and universities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the prestigious educational resources of Vancouver Island, Canada, to institutions and people throughout Asia.

What We Do

Vancouver Island Schools partners with leading schools, colleges, universities and school districts on the island to make it easy for students to access available first-class educational opportunities. Students may apply directly to one of our partners through our offices, or transfer to a program run at one of our partner schools.

  • We help our partners to develop successful international programs by supporting exchanges for their teachers, principals and administrators.
  • We assist Asian students choosing to study on Vancouver Island, including high school students who may obtain a British Columbia high school graduation certificate. Those students will be immersed in typical Canadian life and culture in a safe, friendly, and caring community, truly becoming “part of the family”.
  • We select and manage qualified teachers to deliver our ESL training and Canadian high school curriculum courses onsite at our partner high schools in Asia.

We provide our educational experience and expertise to consult our partners on how to develop a successful international program. We do this by offering exchanges for teachers, principals and administration so each of our partner institutions can communicate and learn from us at a variety of levels. We also select and manage qualified Vancouver Island Schools teachers to administer our ESL training and Canadian high school curriculum courses onsite at our partner high schools in Asia.