Study on Vancouver Island



The expertise of our Vancouver Island Schools Consortium comes from our shared experience in education pedagogy, offshore delivery, international program management as well marketing strategies to find the right target audience and to leverage your institution's competitive advantages.

Resources for Partners

Vancouver Island Schools supply our educational resources and expertise to our partnered institutions in Asia. We provide our educational experience and expertise to consult our partners on how to develop a successful international program. We do this by offering exchanges for teachers, principals and administration so each of our partner institutions can communicate and learn from us at a variety of levels. We also select and manage qualified Vancouver Island Schools teachers to administer our ESL training and BC high school curriculum courses onsite at our Chinese partner high schools.

Our Asian High School Partners chose to work with VI schools primarily as a way to increase the educational opportunities their school can offer their students. By offering full-time instruction from a qualified Vancouver Island Schools teacher their students show great progress in their English acquisition. This preparation in Asia helps students integrate better into a Vancouver Island School than students who apply directly, thus helping our Asian high school partners achieve a better result for their students.