Study on Vancouver Island

Overview: Affiliations

VI School Project Affiliations

By bringing together the resources of all the partner institutions of Vancouver Island Schools we are able to accomplish far more than any partner can acting alone. Together Vancouver Island Schools is able to deliver accredited courses offshore in Asia and issue Canadian high school diplomas, College diplomas and university degrees that are among the most respected in the world.

Ministry of Education, British Columbia, Canada

We invite you to explore the British Columbia Ministry of Education at their website. This is the central office for education in the entire province, including relationships with foreign governments and schools.

BCCIE, British Columbia Council for International Education

The British Columbia Council for International Education promotes BC's international education at a provincial level. Eighty-three percent of foreign students study in or around Vancouver, which is the largest city in BC. As a result, BCCIE strongly supports regional representation initiatives such as Vancouver Island Schools.

Asian Partner Schools

Vancouver Island Schools has done program delivery at 4 Chinese high schools, and 8 Vietnamese schools. All of our Asian school partners have been selected based on three factors: Their local reputation for excellence in education, their commitment to offering their students the best possible international educational opportunities, and their ability to provide the educational resources to deliver our Vancouver Island Schools curriculum.