Study on Vancouver Island

Study Business in China and Vietnam

ViPS Business Academy in China and Vietnam

The Vancouver Island Public Schools Association (ViPS) is pleased to offer an intensive project-based learning program focused on building business and trade connections in China and Vietnam. As part of the high school curriculum, students who join this program will help international companies establish a presence and grow their business in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets.

Through this program, students in grades 10, 11 or 12 will meet all course requirements for their spring semester while also gaining practical business experience. Students will have the opportunity to utilize their creative potential in developing practical business applications, learn a new language and culture, and develop new international friendships and business relationships.

Program Goals

  1. Apply knowledge to produce practical results and create social impact

  2. Incorporate values into decision-making and problem-solving

  3. Learn Chinese and Vietnamese languages and culture through immersion

  4. Utilize individual strengths to produce results as a group

  5. Practice time management and personal productivity

  6. Master essential skills through practice and repetition

  7. Develop resourcefulness through research and learning solutions to problems

  8. Build important relationships and networks

Key Features of the Program

  • Students will spend one semester in Canada followed by one semester in China and Vietnam.

  • Spring and Fall courses are taught in Chinese and Vietnamese high schools as distributed learning courses and have been matched with the Business Academy's learning objectives. Courses taught in in a Canadian high school have been chosen to complement the Business Academy program and Canadian high school graduation requirements.

  • Courses taught in Asia are augmented with Chinese (Mandarin), and Vietnamese language instruction and business resources.

  • The academy will include Canadian, Chinese, and Vietnamese students.

  • All courses are taught according to BC high school curriculum standards (Integrated Resource Packages). Courses are taught by BC licensed high school teachers.

  • Students who complete the program will graduate with Mandarin language proficiency, valuable exposure to Chinese and Vietnamese culture and a specialty in business development. Canadian, Chinese, and Vietnamese students will work closely in teams and learn from each other.

Typical Courses