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Study Canadian Programs in Asia

Study Canadian programs in Asia

Vancouver Island Schools has partnerships with Asian high schools. All of our school partners have been selected based on three factors: firstly their local reputation for excellence in education, secondly their commitment in offering their students the best possible international educational opportunities available, and thirdly adequate educational resources for our teachers to deliver our Vancouver Island Schools curriculum.

Our Asian school partners have been selected based on their local reputation for excellence in education

Our high school partners chose to work with Vancouver Island Schools to increase the educational opportunities they can offer their students. Full-time instruction from a qualified Vancouver Island Schools teacher allows their students to learn English quickly. This preparation helps students integrate comfortably into a Vancouver Island school, college, or university when they are ready to study in Canada.

With a representative offices in Victoria, Canada, Beijing, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our offices focus on utilizing the educational resources on Vancouver Island to fulfill the growing demand for improved education of youth in Asia, while providing international opportunities for Canadian students.

How to Apply

Students may apply through direct contact with our office. To begin, use our Application Form: Apply Now